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We The People Stand With Trump Against Political Projection, Persecution & Prosecutorial Misconduct:

Updated: Feb 2

It wouldn't be a Benedict Biden politically motivated and weaponized Trump indictment without a gluttonous feast, a lavish, three-course serving of political projection, persecution, and prosecutorial misconduct from a bunch of scurrilous, vindictive, and corrupt partisan Democrat prosecutors, of course, with a large side of unethical, Trump-hating, left-wing appointed Judges harboring a grudge and behaving as though they were quasi Kings and Tyrants on a power trip with a get-Trump agenda and little to no regard, consideration, or appreciation for their oath and obligation to the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, particularly when those unambiguous Constitutional laws and "Absolute" Rights pertain to and protect former President, Donald J. Trump, from their preordained guilty verdict and subsequent prescribed punishment for the non-crime crimes and/or infractions of being born, of breathing, of having a slightly orange tan, and for having the gall to speak truth to power, to challenge and expose the centralized and seedy underbelly world of the Establishment political class and the bureaucratic Deep-State for what it is and who they are, corrupt, immoral, malignant monsters, and last but certainly not least, for having the temerity to put America and the American People first, foremost, and before and above all others and all else, now wound it?

Indeed, what seems to be happening here, or, rather, what most would concur is, in fact, categorically occurring here, is a gross misuse and abuse of judicial power. Madison wrote in Federalist No. 47, "The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether one, a few, or many,... may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny." You see, despite our "Separation of Powers" doctrine, prosecutors and judges, in what has inarguably become the unprecedented political persecution of President Trump, have, without answering to the people through an Article V. Convention of States, ignored our system of "Checks and Balances," and usurped the (unsanctioned) authority to exercise and discharge all three powers from all three Branches of Government, i.e., making laws, enforcing laws, and adjudicating disputes and controversies over or with regard to laws when it comes to President Trump... jettisoning deference without even so much as a second thought to or for the actual role of the Judiciary, which is, as Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, famously opined, "is to say what the law is," in other words, meaning that the role of the Judiciary is to interpret the law and not to make the law, which it appears that these overzealous, left-wing, Trump-hating activist, or, rather, dogmatist judges have all but forgotten in their malign quest to destroy the man who did so much good for America, the American People, and for World peace.

We recently discovered that Jack Smith and Merrick Garland's United States Department of Injustice, notably and conspicuously known as the "Biden Campaign Headquarters," not only failed to handover but, instead, willfully and obstructively withheld a hoard of exculpatory evidence from the DC Grand Jury. Exculpatory evidence that not only completely exonerates President Trump but that former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik had already coughed up and turned over to Jack Smith long before Smith pursued and leveled his egregious, politically motivated, bogus, not to mention unconstitutional superseding J6 Indictment against President Trump, which, according to Constitutional Scholar Alan Dershowitz, doesn't even set forth or proffer any supporting inculpatory evidence to corroborate Smith's outlandish accusations in what is a decidedly left-wing, politically motivated indictment, not to mention, an attack on and an affront to the Constitution's First Amendment "Free Speech" Clause, which, of course, is precisely what we saw Democrat DA Alvin Bragg, another insidiously corrupt and malignant Progressive prosecutor, do in his egregious, politically motivated, bogus, unconstitutional NYC indictment against President Trump.

A source close to Bernard Kerik's legal team stated that the exculpatory evidence he had turned over to Jack Smith was, among other things, comprised of thousands of affidavits that were taken under penalty of perjury from witnesses who, under Constitutional law, statutes, and the "Electoral Count Act of 1887," raised lawfully permissible concerns, questions, and objections about the integrity of the 2020 General Election contest and the results thereof, showing that there was a genuine belief and effort to investigate legitimate claims of voter fraud in the 2020 General Election. Which, of course, explains why Jack Smith could not have his cherry-picked J6 Grand Jury of preferred Trump-hating DC Democrats seeing, reading, and/or hearing those legitimate concerns, questions, and objections from actual witnesses to what they wholeheartedly believed was, in point of fact, incontestible election fraud because, of course, for obvious reasons, it would have been utterly disastrous and detrimental to what was at the time, Smith's potential indictment and for what has now become his politically motivated, malicious prosecution and persecution proceedings of President Trump.

And as if that were not fifty shades of corrupt enough for you, the then Democrat-controlled J6 Ixnay on the Upidstay Select Committee, chaired by Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson, just so happened to, oopsies, accidentally, on purpose, delete, lose, and destroy exculpatory evidence, you know, documents, along with audio and video recordings and footage that it had in its possession related to its contrived witch-hunt, within hours of learning that President Trump and his team of attorneys had secured the requisite Subpoena power required to compel and collect said documents, evidence, and/or audio and video recordings and footage.

Adding to that highly dubious behavior, the then Democrat-controlled Select Committee also just so happened to co-inky-dinkily, you know, once again, accidentally, "on purpose," delete more than 100 encrypted files (roughly half of its files) on January, 1st, 2023, just two days before Republicans were set to take over the House majority, and, by the way, files that it was, as per House Rules, required to turn over to the new incoming Republican majority, where the House Administration Committee's Oversight Subcommittee, chaired by Republican Congressman Barry Loudermilk, is currently heading up its own probe into, not only, the blatant J6 security failures, including Democrat Congresswoman and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's rejection of President Trump's written proposal, recommendation, and offer of 10,000 National Guard Troops to secure the Capitol on J6, but also into the unsavory iniquitous activities and actions that were taken by the former Democrat-controlled partisan Select Committee, such as, for example, Adam Slithery Schiff's cloak-and-dagger tinkering, tampering, and manipulation of text messages, you know, doctoring and creating inculpatory evidence from exculpatory evidence.

Adding to that malignant and pernicious Deep-State of corruption, we also learned that self-confessed Trump-hater and Washington DC Insider, "Swamp Sectarian," and Obama-appointed Dogmatist Judge, Tanya Chutkan, who was assigned, or as they are purportedly claiming, "randomly selected" to preside over Trump's case, of course, if you believe that pigs can fly and men can get pregnant, that is, has denied President Trump his Constitutionally Protected 6th Amendment Right to, in his defense, view all of the "evidence" whether inculpatory or exculpatory, by deliberately withholding that very same exculpatory evidence that Jack Smith deliberately withheld and concealed from his cherry-picked partisan Grand Jury, thereby not only hogtying and preventing Trump's attorneys from mounting a reasonably fair, just, and bona fide proper defense on his behalf and in keeping with the Constitution, its Laws and Rights, by restricting their access to said exculpatory evidence, but also from receiving a fair and impartial jury, ergo, also denying Trump his guaranteed 5th Amendment Right to "Due Process" in addition to his 14th Amendment Right to "Equal Protection and Application of the Law," among other Constitutional and Bill of Rights violations. And why all of this lowdown dirty political chicanery? Well, simply put, to taint the D.C. jury pool in order to ensure their predetermined "guilty before being proven guilty" verdict, irrespective of innocence.

All of the above demonstrates the insidious, pervasive rot and corruption that resonates within and throughout the Bureaucratic Deep-State and the Establishment Factions of our Government, of our political Parties ---(although I am not quite sure if the two are mutually exclusive)---, from the Oval Office and the three letter agencies, offices, and institutions of the Executive Branch, to the Legislative Branch and the career politicians thereof, whose sole mission, it seems, is to protect the slimy, slippery, slithering creatures of the Swamp at all costs, and last, but certainly not least, or, at least, not anymore, that is, our Judicial Branch of Government, and its abdication of fairness, impartiallity, and "Equal Protection and Application of the Law," as Joe Biden, the President of the United States, along with Merrick Garland, America's Top Prosecutor, who, in true "Venezuelan form," verbally lie to our faces, while at the same time, blatantly rubbing it in our faces through their very actions, that they were, are, and have been huddling and conspiring with, not only, the former cherry-picked, Trump-hating Congressional members of Nancy Pelosi's partisan J6 Select Committee, but with rogue prosecutors and ethically questionable judges in order to destroy the Deep-State threat that is Donald J. Trump, by any and all means possible and necessary.

The truth is, if Joe Biden, his accomplices in Congress, and his henchmen entrenched within our three letter agencies and institutions, in addition to the numerous Soros-backed Cultural Marxist prosecutors planted in DA offices in Democrat strongholds across the country, in collaboration with left-wing federally appointed and/or elected activist State Judges, in abetment to this lawfare, get their way, they will, without hesitation, lockup President Trump, throw away the key, and leave him to die in Federal Prison, of course, that is, if they don't assassinate him in the meantime, or, at least attempt to, and why? Well, because they don't want to just merely win, or, rather, more appropriately put, steal elections, no, that is simply not enough for them. They want Absolute Power over "We the People" and over our Nation as a whole, and they will never achieve that end while Donald J. Trump is living, breathing, and standing in their way.

Indeed, precisely like the Cold War era of Marxist Stalinism, today's Democrats want complete dominance and unbridled jurisdiction over the levers of power, money, speech, and dissent, over our institutions and agencies, and over every Branch of Government, from the White House to Congress to our Courts. They want to hegemonize our schools, take away parental rights in education, and they want to deprogram and reprogram our children with the scourge of their cankerous Cultural Marxist ideology... the younger, the better. They want to regulate and tax our businesses, jobs, and the free market into bankruptcy. They want One-World-Order with open borders and open access to our bank accounts, to our medical records, and to our private and personal communications. They want socialized healthcare, or, rather, more appropriately put, no-care, where they get to determine whose life is worth treating and saving and whose life is not worth treating and ending by proxy of a $1.20 suicide pill… vis a vis their government-sanctioned human euthanasia program… an initiative that Obama instituted with his crappy no-care-Obamacare!

During the 20th Century, the United States mistakenly thought it had successfully confronted, derailed, and defeated our Soviet Communist enemies who sought to dismantle and destroy America, the American Dream, and her fundamental belief that every man, woman, and child is created equal, endowed by their creator with certain Unalienable Rights, which include the Right to "Self Determination," to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness," to "Due Process," and to "Equal Protection and Application of the Law," indeed, the very principles and values that are enshrined in the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights to the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence... our founding documents that were created and intended to stand as a bulwark between the people of this once great Nation and the Tyranny that oftentimes accompanies career politicians who inevitably and invariably always become drunk on and blinded by "Absolute Power" the longer they remain in positions of power and authority. Indeed, "Absolute Power" is like a magnet to the corruptible because power attracts intransigent and, oftentimes, irredeemable pathological personalities, who, from time to time, as history has taught us, consolidate power by weaponizing Government and using lawfare as a means to remove their political opponents.

Which brings us to the darkened doorstep of the current U.S. President, Joe Biden, and his Congressional cauldron of Democrat politicians and sycophantic bureaucrats, who are not only employing every dirty communist trick in the book to destroy and consequently scrub President Trump from the 2024 Presidential ballot and race, but who now also command and control our legal system with a profusion of progressive radical militant judges and prosecutors in their backpockets, who are all lined up, ready, and more than willing to do the lefts bidding, whether that means violating a defendant's basic Civil Liberties and Rights, manufacturing and/or distorting laws, not only cherry-picking juries but also twisting jury instructions, disallowing exculpatory evidence while allowing doctored and/or fabricated inculpatory evidence and/or witnesses, refusing to step aside and recuse themselves from cases when confronted with not only the appearance of a confict or conflicts of interest but with direct, in your face conflicts of interest, and/or deliberately trying cases in Democrat strongholds, repudiating requests and calls to relinquish and transfer cases to districts or states where, in the interest of impartiality, a defendant can get a fair trial. Why all of this unconstitutional judicial chicanery? Well, in order to ensure their desired predetermined verdict of guilty.

In 1991, at the bitter end of the Cold War, when the Soviet Union crumbled and collapsed, not only America but much, if not all, of the Western World became complacent, believing that communism had, alas, finally been brought to bear, crushed, and defeated once and for all. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and American Cultural Marxists or Marxism, a mutation of Soviet-era Marxism, took full advantage of that complacency, hiding their true and insidious intentions behind the veil and pretense of "social justice,"


1- Rewriting and distorting American history as woke left-wing professors and educators made inroads into our educational system, eventually taking over academia as they invaded universities and college campuses across the Country... indeed, the perfect fertile breading grounds for creating a whole new generation of radical Marxists.

2- Democrat politicians claimed and continue to claim to be Constitutional free market capitalists while, at the same time, deriding capitalism as some sort of harbinger of evil and greed, when in truth, it is not only what has liberated and allowed the American people to flourish and pursue their dreams, but has also led to the worlds greatest innovations, inventions, and advances in modern technology and science, leading to higher standards of living, a better quality of life, and longer life expectancy, particularly as it pertains to medicine, indeed, it has given us cures, treatments, and therapeutics to acute, chronic, and terminal illnesses that were killing people not even a hundred years ago.

3- Sewing seeds of discord through immutable identity politics, divisively dividing people by race, gender, and religion, separating them into two distinct groups of the perpetually oppressed victim and the privileged oppressor, and then pitting one group against the other... Blacks against Whites, Gays against Straights, Females against Males, Muslims against Jews and/or Christians, and so on and so forth.

4- Censoring speech, thought, debate, and dissent under the guise of "disinformation, misinformation, mal-information," or whatever speech, opinions, and beliefs Democrats find offensive, deem intolerable and mean, and/or unbeneficial to their Marxist cause, the dismantler and diminisher of our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.

Like the despicable, conscienceless despots and wannabe tyrannical Dictators that they are, Joe Biden and the Democrats, by virtue of their surreptitious behavior, actions, deeds, and poverty-inducing socialist policies, irrespective of their shallow, meaningless, and empty words, are, in fact, the epitome of Cultural Marxists who want and crave "Absolute Power" and control over every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave. They want One-Party-Rule, and as such, they have infiltrated and taken over all of our agencies and institutions with their pervasive rot, weaponizing our DOJ, FBI, and our Judicial Branch of Government against not only their political opponents but against the American people, more specifically, against Republicans, Constitutional Conservatives, and Libertarians who don't and won't align with and/or submit to their poisonous Marxist ideology, as they brazenly disregard and run roughshod over the United States Constitution, our Constitutional Rights, and anyone who dares to stand in the way of making their dystopian, Marxist "One-World-Order" dream, a reality.

Indeed, President Trump was correct when he said, "They are not coming after me; they are coming after you; I'm just standing in their way."

Think about everything that the left has done to, thrown at, and put President Trump through... what Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Establishment Democrats, and Rinos in the legislature, including, but not limited to, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, and Adam Kingzinger to name but a few sniveling weasels, or, in more polite terms, career politicians, along with their co-conspirators in not only the bureaucratic Deep-State, the DOJ, the FBI, and other three letter agencies, but also in the Judiciary, Big Tech and the 4th Estate, otherwise known as the left-win media, or the coms department of the DNC... think about what they have done to President Trump over the last seven or so years, up until this very point, and still going, what with their heady brew of contrived witch-hunts and hoaxes.

To be sure, whether it was their Unconstitutional raid on Trump's Mar-A-Lago home Document Hoax that was carried out in violation of President Trump's 4th Amendment Rights or whether it was their unscrupulous efforts to remove Trump from the 2024 Presidential ballot and race with one fictitious criminal conspiracy after another, yielding one contrived and malicious indictment and prosecution after another, or whether it was their surreptitious fabrication of crimes against Trump, to assail him, to stage a coup d'etat while he was in office, and to manipulate the American electorate into believing their fallacious Russian Collusion Hoax, in addition to their fifty million dollar Mueller Probe Hoax, and let us not forget their bought and paid for Clinton/Steele Dossier Hoax, their unjustified Crossfire Hurricane Hoax, where they repeatedly lied to the FISA Court, using what they knew at the time was, the Hillary Clinton bought and paid for fictitious and defamatory Steele Dossier as grounds to obtain several warrants to spy on Trump, his Campaign, and his associates, then, of course, there was their two phony and baseless Impeachment Hoaxes, and lest we forget that after Trump took office on January 20th, 2017,  Hillary Clinton paid a technology firm to infiltrate the servers in not only Trump Tower but in the White House in order to plant fictitious and malicious evidence of a crime in an effort to surreptitiously frame and link Trump to her bought and paid for Russian Collusion Hoax in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse ACT, 18 U.S. Code § 1030, but as per usual, nothing happened to her. Oh, and I almost forgot, after Trump's historic 2016 win, Democrats orchestrated a post-election endeavor in order to persuade Trump electors to flip their electoral vote to Hillary Clinton in an effort to usurp Democracy, or in America's case, our Constitutional Republic, in another left-wing authoritarian "Hugo Chavez" style coup or bid to steal the 2016 Presidential Election from Donald Trump.

Indeed, so much for the left's mantra and sanctimonious preening that "no one is above the law," that is, unless, of course, you're a Democrat!

Despite all of that and much more, President Trump is still standing and standing remarkably strong and resilient against the Democrats' vicious, unjustified attacks, while the Democrats, as delusional and as wicked as they are, despite all of their past and present failed attempts to take down Trump, still believe that they can and will ultimately decimate, destroy, and bankrupt him if they just kept piling on, and on, and on, throwing everything at him, including the kitchen sink and then some... the depths to which the Democrats are willing sink to in order to destroy Trump is truly abysmal... to be sure, a bottomless pit of pure wickedness.

Democrats have weaponized our entire federal Government, including our judicial system, in an unscrupulously unethical and contrived effort to persecute, prosecute, and throw President Donald J. Trump, an innocent man and a phenomenal President, in JAIL for life with their unending stream of bogus, unconstitutional indictments, in violation of 1)  The Presidential Records Act, 2) the Presidential Immunity Clause under Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution, 3) The Electoral Count Act of 1887, and 4) in violation of all of Trump's Civil Liberties and Rights; abridging his 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and yes, even his 8th Amendment Rights, because, and make no mistake, this is cruel and unusual (psychological) punishment. Rather than engage in honest debate and run on merit, Democrats across all three Branches of our Government have chosen instead to conspire with not only each other in violation of the "Separation of Powers" doctrine but to collude with corporations and the media machine, from the televised world of Constitutionally illiterate talking heads and pundits to the technogarchs of Big Tech social media platforms, in order to censor speech and squelch debate and dissent so as to control the flow of information, and thereby, not only garnering unlimited free advertising disguised as unbiased news in order to spread their convoluted mafia-like Marxist propaganda and lies against Trump and Republicans, claiming "false and/or misleading" information in order to poison the minds of the public through dishonest reporting.

To be sure, you would need to be a complete moron and bumbling idiotic buffoon who has undergone a lobotomy to believe that Joe Biden wasn't fully aware, wasn't behind, and wasn't coordinating all of this! - Of course, he was!

After all that President Trump has been through, after all that these pernicious left-wing bastards have put him through, after all that they have done to him and continue to do, put, and throw at him, despite all of his selfless acts, hard work, and phenomenal accomplishments for and on behalf of America and the American people at his expense, a few things have become abundantly clear over the last several years, in the ever-present face of the Democrats unrelenting vindictive TDS rage that is not just ridiculous but is teetering on the edge of the insane and the absurd as they continue to unjustifiably prosecute, persecute, and crucify the People's President, Donald J. Trump;

1- It is a testament to President Trump's incredible strength of mind and inner fortitude, to his unwavering resolve, resilience, and indomitable courage, and to his undying patriotic love of and for America and the American people that, no doubt, enables him to endure through, what seems to be insurmountable odds and unjustified attacks on his person, as he refuses to surrender and succumb to the lefts hate, to their darkness, and to their fabricated malignant witch-hunts and hoaxes that, under normal circumstances, would not only test a person's limits, but be more than enough to make a grown man curl-up, cry, buckle, and crumble under the weight of such insidious abuse and mistreatment... indeed, Trump's perseverance in the face of adversity, stands as a healthy reminder to us all, that it's not our victories, but our struggles and our response to them that ultimately shapes our character, fosters resilience and reveals our true inner strength.

2- That the Democrat's corrupt, unpatriotic, unconstitutional, tyrannical plan to take out Trump is backfiring spectacularly. And why? Well, because what these progressive parasites don't seem to get, what they have clearly failed to recognize and understand, is that because of their malice, we, the American people, more specifically, America First Patriots, have never been more pumped and energized to exercise our Constitutional Right to rally on behalf and in defense of President Trump, to get out en masse to VOTE for him in order to save America from them, despite, in spite and to spite them and their blatant misuse and abuse of power that they have unjustly wielded against Trump.

Clearly, the Democrat's subterfuge scheme is to:

Manipulate, twist, distort, and violate not only the United States Constitution but also President Trump's Constitutional Rights, in particular, abridging his 5th Amendment "Due Process" Rights and, by virtue of a gag order, denying him his 1st Amendment guaranteed Right to "speak and to be heard," in other words to defend himself against their contrived charges, ergo, enabling them to find Trump guilty and thereby imprisoning him without "Equal Protection and Application of the Law," and hence removing the treat and safeguarding and preserving the Establishment Deep-State Cabal.

You see, by violating Trump's fundamental, unalienable God-given Constitutional Rights that are guaranteed and protected through and by the Bill of Rights to the Constitution, the Democrats are essentially laying the groundwork, setting a precedent, and paving the way to violate, with the intent to eliminate, our fundamental, unalienable God-given Constitutional Rights. Once they have made mince meat out of our 1st, 2nd, (3rd), 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Amendment Constitutional Rights, it opens the door to eliminate the 9th Amendment, thereby killing the 10th Amendment, hence giving the Federal Government complete control over the states, which would then allow Democrats to federalize elections, thereby ensuring that they would never lose another election ever again, which of course, is their ultimate goal... one that they have been trying to engineer and execute for decades.

However, despite the degenerate Democrats' electioneering schemes, abuse and misuse of power, politically motivated malicious prosecutions, witch-hunts, and hoaxes brought to you from the corrupt, weaponized world of Joe Biden, it is evident that they are quaking in their boots over the idea, or rather, the reality of running against President Trump in the 2024 Presidential Election because let's face it, they would not be going to all of these extraordinarily extreme lengths to destroy Trump if they believed he didn't stand a chance of winning... they know he does, and they also know that they have gone too far this time... they know that the majority of Americans, at least, those of us with a conscience and a moral compass, can now see right through their insidious bullshit and they are utterly terrified.

Indeed, a great awakening is happening across America, not only because the American people believe that President Trump is being unjustly targeted, persecuted, and assailed for crimes he so obviously did not commit, but because "We the People" realize that Trump is, in fact, our last best hope to save America from the clutches of left-wing Democrat tyranny and the pervasive political rot of their Cultural Marxist ideology that under Joe Biden's weakness, incompetent leadership, and the left's anti-energy policies that have not only spurred skyrocketing inflation rates and conseqential soaring cost of living expenses that are crushing the middle class, but also the unprecedented invasion at our Southern Border with estimates of upwards of 12 million illegal border crossers since Biden took office, to say nothing of the historic fentanyl crisis that as a direct result of Biden's open border policies is responsible for killing our youth in droves, and, lest we forget the alarming rise in violent crimes across the country, particularly in Democrat States and/or Districts and Cities, in addition to the foreign conflicts, wars, and terrorist attacks that are currently raging in Europe and across the Middle East.

Indeed, there is only one candidate in the 2024 Presidential Race who can rise to the challenge, is up to the task, and has what it takes to get the job done and Save America from the nightmare and disaster that is Joe Biden, and that candidate is Donald J. Trump, the People's President.

Linda Genzel Editor @WECU News


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