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We The People Stand With Trump Against Political Projection, Persecution & Prosecutorial Misconduct:

It wouldn’t be a Benedict Biden politically weaponized Trump indictment without a three-course serving of political projection, persecution, and prosecutorial misconduct from corrupt partisan Democrat prosecutors, with a large side of hate-Trump Left-Wing appointed Judges with a get-Trump agenda, now wound it?

We recently discovered that Jack Smith and Merrick Garland’s United States Department of Injustice, also known as the “Biden Campaign Headquarters,” not only failed but knowingly, willfully, and unlawfully withheld large bevies of exculpatory evidence from the DC Grand Jury. Exculpatory evidence that not only completely exonerates President Trump but that former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik had already turned over to Jack Smith well before he pursued and dropped his bogus, partisan, and Unconstitutional superseding J6 Indictment against President Trump. Which, by the way, according to Constitutional Scholar Alan Dershowitz, does not have any inculpatory evidence to corroborate his outlandish charges in what is clearly a left-wing tyrannical attack on “Free Speech” indictment, and which, of course, is exactly what we also saw the Democrat DA Alvin Bragg, another corrupt rabid insidious Democrat prosecutor, do in his bogus, partisan, and Unconstitutional New York City indictment against President Trump.

A source close to Bernard Kerik’s legal team said that the exculpatory evidence he had turned over included thousands of affidavits taken under penalty of perjury from witnesses who, under the laws of the United States of America and the “Electoral Count Act of 1887, raised lawfully permissible concerns, questions, and objections about the integrity of the 2020 General Election contest and results, showing that there was a genuine belief and effort to investigate legitimate claims of voter fraud in the 2020 General Election. Which, of course, explains why Jack Smith could not have his cherry-picked Grand Jury of preferred Trump-hating DC Democrats seeing and/or hearing those legitimate concerns, questions, and objections from actual witnesses to election fraud, because it would have been disastrous for what was his then potential indictment and for what has now become his politically motivated unconstitutional J6 case against President Trump.

And as if that were not fifty shades of corrupt enough for you, the Ixnay on the Upidstay J6 subcommittee, then co-inky-dinkily just happened to, oopsies, accidentally delete, lose, and destroy the documents, evidence, and video footage that they had in their possession related to their contrived witch-hunt investigation quite literally upon learning that President Trump and his attorneys now had Subpoena power to collect said documents, evidence, and video footage.

Adding to that malignant pernicious Deep-State of corruption, we are now also learning that the anti-Trump Washington DC Democrat activist Judge, Tanya Chutkan, who has been assigned, or as they are purportedly claiming, “randomly selected,” (of course, that is, if you believe that pigs can fly and men can get pregnant) to Trump’s case, may deny President Trump his “Constitutionally Protected 6th Amendment Rights by deliberately withholding some of that very same Jack Smith exculpatory evidence from Trump’s defense attorneys, thereby not only hogtying and preventing him from being able to properly defend himself but also from receiving a fair and impartial jury and hence equal justice and application of the law in violation of his 5th Amendment Rights, the due process clause. And why all of this dirty chicanery? Well, simply put, to taint the DC jury pool and assure their obvious predetermined verdict of guilty before being proven guilty, even if you’re innocent.

All of the above demonstrates the insidious malevolent depths of corruption within the DC Deep-State and the Establishment factions of our Government from the Oval Office and other Executive Branch agencies to now even our Judicial Branch, as Joe Biden, the President of the United States, and Merrick Garland, America’s Top Prosecutor, overtly rub it in our faces that they are huddling and conspiring with rogue prosecutors and ethically questionable Judges to destroy the Deep-State threat that is Donald Trump by any and all means possible and necessary.

The truth is, if Joe Biden, his accomplices in Congress, and his henchmen in our three letter agencies, DA offices in Democrat strongholds, and his left-wing appointed DC and State Judges get their way, they will, without hesitation, lock up President Trump and leave him to die in Federal Prison, that is, of course, if they don’t assassinate him in the meantime, or at least attempt to, and why? Well, because they don’t just want to win, or rather steal elections, no, that is not enough for them. They want absolute power and control over “We The People” and over our Country as a whole.

Like Marxist Stalinism, Democrats want complete dominance and jurisdiction over the levers of power, money, speech, and dissent, over our institutions and agencies, and over every branch of government, from the White House to Congress, to our Courts. They want to hegemonize our schools and program our children. They want to regulate and tax our businesses, jobs, and the free market into bankruptcy. They want open access to our borders, our bank accounts, our medical records, and our private and personal communications. They want socialized healthcare or rather no-care where they get to determine whose life is worth treating and saving and whose life is not worth treating and ending by proxy of a $1.20 suicide pill… to die vis-a-vis euthanasia… a program that Obama instituted with his crappy no-care-Obamacare!

Indeed, like the despicable conscienceless, wannabe tyrannical Dictators that they are, Joe Biden and Democrats want absolute control over every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave; they want One-Party-Rule, and they have weaponized the DOJ, the FBI, and now the Judicial Branch, running roughshod over the United States Constitution and our Constitutional Rights to make that happen at any cost.

Indeed, President Trump was correct when he said, “They are not coming after me; they are coming after you; I’m just standing in their way.”

Think about everything that Joe Biden, Obama, the Democrats, and their co-conspirators in the DOJ, FBI, Judiciary, and the 4th Estate have done to President Trump over the last seven years up until this very point and still ongoing.

1- They surreptitiously conspired to fabricate crimes against Trump, to assail him, stage a coup d’etat, and manipulate the American electorate with their fallacious Russia Hoax, their fifty million dollar Mueller Probe Hoax, their bought and paid for Clinton/Steele Dossier Hoax, their unjustified Crossfire Hurricane Probe, two phony baseless impeachments, and of course, their Unconstitutional raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home in violation of his 4th Amendment Rights.

2- Before Trump took office, the FBI and DOJ repeatedly lied to the FISA court to obtain several warrants to spy on Trump, his Campaign, and his associates.

3- After Trump took office, Hillary Clinton paid a technology firm to infiltrate the servers in both Trump Towers and in the White House in order to plant fictitious and malicious evidence in an effort to surreptitiously link Trump to her Russia Collusion Hoax in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse ACT, 18 U.S. Code § 1030, but as per usual, nothing happened. So much for the left's mantra and sanctimonious preening that “no one is above the law,” that is, unless, of course, you’re a Democrat!

4-The Democrats orchestrated the 2016 post-election endeavor to get Trump electors to flip to Hillary Clinton.

5- They weaponized the entire federal government and our legal system in an effort to persecute and throw Trump, an innocent man, and phenomenal President, in JAIL for life with their unending stream of bogus Unconstitutional indictments, in violation of Trump's civil liberties and his 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and yes, his 8th Amendment Rights too, because, make no mistake, this is cruel and unusual (psychological) punishment.

6- Rather than engage in honest debate, they colluded with corporations and the media machine, from televised news networks to big tech social media platforms, in order to squelch free speech and debate and to control the flow of information, thereby not only garnering unlimited free advertising disguised as unbiased news in order to spread their convoluted mafia-like Marxist propaganda and lies against Trump and Republicans, claiming “false or misleading” information in order to poison the minds of the public through dishonest reporting.

7- They are being bankrolled by the wealthiest and most corrupt globalists on the face of the planet, like, for example, George Soros and BlackRock’s Larry Fink, to name but two of several other dictator wannabes, who are willing to pump billions upon billions of dollars into the DC Democrat Establishment to buy the White House, and not to mention, also to buy local unethical DA’s who are more than happy, and quite frankly eager and willing to break statutory law and to violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights to prosecute and persecute President Trump and Republicans who dare to support him.

You would need a lobotomy to not believe that Joe Biden was fully aware, behind, and coordinating all of this! - Of course he was!

After all that President Trump has been through, after all that these pernicious leftist bastards have done to him and have put him through and continue to throw at and put him through, despite all of his phenomenal accomplished for America and for “We The People,” a few things are mind-blowingly clear in the ever-present face of the Democrats malicious persecution and prosecution of the Peoples President, Donald J. Trump;

1- It is a testament to President Trump’s overwhelming strength, fortitude, courage, and his undying patriotic love of America and the American people.

2- That the unpatriotic corrupt Democrat's Unconditional tyrannical plan to takeout Trump is backfiring spectacularly. And why? Well, because President Trump is actually polling even better now than he did at any other point in his political career, which is also, without question, not only a testament to how overwhelmingly utterly awful and corrupt the vast majority of Americans now believe Joe Biden, the Democrats, the DOJ, the FBI, and the “State Run Media” is, but also how overwhelmingly and utterly outraged the vast majority of Americans are with the unjust Stalinist Unamerican tactics that Merrick Garland and his pit-bull Jack Smith are employing to takedown Biden’s political opponent, President Trump.

3- In the end, the United States Supreme Court will throw out any conviction that Democrats reach in any and all of these indictments based on Presidential Immunity, The Presidential Records Act, political prosecution, persecution, and prosecutorial misconduct, the Electoral Count Act of 1887, and last but not least, Constitutional Law and the repeated abuses and violations of President Trump's Constitutional Rights.

Clearly, the Democrat's plan is to:

Step- 1: Violate President Trump’s Constitutional Rights, thereby enabling them to put him away for life, and hence safeguard the DC Cabal, also referred to as the Deep-State Swamp.

Step- 2: Chip and eat away at the Constitution with the intent to eventually eliminate it, by making false statements or claims with the intent to institute said false claims, like, for example, "the first Amendment is not absolute, even though the United States Supreme Court has ruled that it is, indeed, absolutely absolute. You see, by violating with the intent to eventually eliminate our Unalienable God-given 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Amendment Constitutional Rights, which, it would thereby pave the way to eliminate the 9th Amendment, thereby killing the 10th Amendment, hence giving the Federal Government complete control over the states, which would then allow Democrats to federalize elections, thereby ensuring that they would never lose another election ever again, which of course, is their ultimate goal. They have been trying to accomplish for years.

Step- 3: Send a message by intimidating and threatening Republicans and Conservatives that they could be next if they do not shut up, fall in line, and play ball.

Step- 4: Absolute power and total Democrat control!

However, despite using the most powerful, potent, and poisonous tools of Unconstitutional political law-fare, persecution, prosecution, and election warfare imaginable to trash, takedown, and imprison President Trump, the Marxist Democrats are still clearly quaking in their boots over the idea of running against President Trump because they know that their backs are against the wall and that the majority of Americans can now see right through their insidious bs!

Indeed, a great awakening is happening nationwide as Americans now believe President Trump is being assailed for crimes he did not commit and for other less-than-ethical behaviors that Joe Biden and the Democrats have engaged in.

Linda Genzel Editor WECU News


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