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What to do with the Homeless

~by Michael Scott Investigative Journalist 

What to do with the homeless, what to do with the homeless? The numbers are staggering and rapidly getting worst! It was once confined to the urban centers, but have now spread out into the outer fringes of the suburbs!

We all have opinions as to why folks are on the streets. For the folks who believe they are all drug and alcohol addicts, could it be we are seeing an uptick in drugs and alcohol introduced into our society? Should pharmaceutical companies shoulder some of the blame and contribute to the solution? 

Business owners in the coastal cities are complaining about showing up in the morning finding folks lying on the ground in sleeping bags, and others complaining of piling feces everywhere!  After much investigation and research, I've concluded the homeless situation is rooted in the breakdown of families and social safety nets that once were provided by houses of worship.

Families no longer support each other, let alone check on one another. With the record number of divorces happening, household incomes drop dramatically affecting males who are often left with no form of support! Alcoholism and drug use run rampant when there is no accountability of family and church attendance. Children, especially latchkeys develop a lot of these toxic habits while a single parent is absent from the household holding down two jobs or shacking up with a significant other.

The recent influx of youth homeless can be rooted back to the drug industry. Many of these young people have been drugged up their entire lives starting back with drugs such as Ritalin and eventually Adderall. With the introduction of Obamacare, it became so easy to obtain these drugs. As these folks began to age some began experimenting with marijuana and psychedelic drugs introduced like candy at the many Music-Fest popping up around the country. As some lost their ability to obtain their prescription medicine they turned to a huge influx of heroin and opioids that has recently flooded our streets. By 22-23 years old many of these young minds are fried and unable to function in society or hold down a job, let alone function in a normal family structure.

There are also those who legitimately due to no fault of their own just a stroke of bad circumstances such as health condition find themselves unable to make rent due to high cost and low wages. I interviewed a few of them this morning! One African-American guy named Ghost, he did not want his picture taken or give his real name as he is tired of being exploited and used as a circus clown for do-gooder social justice warriors.  He said he once worked as a Mortgage Broker back before the Great Recession and never recovered. He doesn't drink or do drugs and wanted to make that clear. He said he is ready and willing to work but has no access to showers and normal clothes. He cannot get an ID or phone to fill out applications and receive input back from potential employers. Employers sometimes take weeks to get back, and that can be an eternity on the streets.   Many homeless don't survive a year or two. 

Ghost was extremely intelligent and articulate. He spends most his time drawing pictures in his sketchbook. Across from Ghost was a young 23 year old American-Mexican kid who was a cook but found himself unable to rent or roommate, as most folks only want to share with professionals or females. They both said the homeless situation is complex and not all will ever be able to be introduced into society and some should outright be locked up as a menace to society.

My daughter who lives in San Francisco can attest to the ones who are beyond reach, the ones who are so mentally damaged they will harm folks in public and should be placed in institutions. As society breaks down this problem will spiral out of control, no individual or government can solve this problem, it is a symptom of moral decay! PERIOD 

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