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Who Guards The Guardsmen?

Updated: Apr 12

Throughout human history, across Continents and Kingdoms, dictators, tyrants, and anointed Monarchs have wielded and abused the awesome powers of their Governments or Monarchies granted and entrusted to them by their people and subjects in order to persecute, prosecute, and imprison their political or royal opponents for fear of ever losing their stranglehold on the reins of power; the murder of Putin's political rival, Alexei Navalny, is the latest, modern-day, overt example of this type of tyranny. However, in America, primarily due to:

1– the strength of the United States Constitution, in large part, because our Founding Fathers were very deliberate when they wrote the Constitution, embedding crucial Republic-saving safeguards throughout the entire document to protect the people and our Republic from wayward politicians,


2– because of our Judiciary's unwavering respect for the Constitution and their commitment to "Due Process" and "Equal Protection, Application, and Justice under the Law," the idea of our elected leaders abusing and misusing the levers of power to such an extreme extent as to jail, silence, and/or execute their political opponents, has never come remotely close to taking a foothold or ensnaring America in the grips of Despotism… of course, UNTIL NOW, that is. 

And why now, after all this time, after almost 250 years have come and gone since the birth of this Nation, why now? Well, simply put, because of our Judiciary. You see, our Judicial System, the one Branch of our three Branches of Government that is, or rather, more accurately put, WAS supposed to be free from partisan politics, has, in fact, now devolved into a hopeless cesspool of injustice and duplicitous iniquities, becoming little more than an unprincipled felonious weapon and arm of the Cultural Marxist Democrat Party, throwing off the Constitution by ignoring Constitutional law and violating the Unalienable Constitutional Rights of defendants as if there were no Constitution to speak of. 

Thomas Jefferson said: "Our Government is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit, by consolidation first, and then corruption... The engine of consolidation will be the federal judiciary; the two other branches, the corrupting and corrupted instruments." 

—In other words, our Courts, our Federal Judiciary, i.e.., our 3rd Branch of Government will manipulate judicial mandates and set jarring, incongruous precedents in order to lure more and more power to Washington DC; then Congress, our 1st Branch of Government, and the President, our 2nd Branch of Government —the corrupting and corrupted instruments or Branches of Government— will then use this newfound power by taking a wrecking ball to the Constitution, particularly with an eye on the 10th Amendment, i.e., the specific Amendment or proverbial brick wall as it were, that our Founding Fathers deliberately constructed as a reinforcement or barricade between the People and the Government, that once demolished, would immediately disenfranchise and relegate our State Governments to the dustbin of history, empower our Federal Government and federal leaders, and give license to One-Party rule through the federalization of our elections; ergo, destroying our system of "Dual Federalism" giving rise to autocracy and tyranny. 

When you step back and take a wide-ranging birds-eye view of the circumstances surrounding these Machiavellian Left-wing witch-trials against President Trump and then focus in on the various players, i.e., the Prosecutors and Judges who not only were and are still screaming that Trump is a threat to Democracy while at the same time, they were party to the undemocratic, malign, authoritative attempts to remove Trump from the Presidential Ballot but who are also involved in the political persecution and prosecutions of Trump through these bogus, victimless indictments, there is one glaring unholy common denominator: they are all quite literally Democrats or Democrat appointees. 


—Whether it's the unscrupulous, too-male, too-pale, disreputable New York Attorney General Letitia James, who campaigned on a "Get-Trump" platform, or Arthur Engoron, the activist Judge and joke who presided over Letitia James's bogus civil trial against President Trump. 

—Whether it's Tanya Chutkan, another virulent racist and Trump-hating Judge who was not only appointed by the great divisive divider-in-chief, President Barrack Obama, not to mention a work colleague of Hunter-Beijing-Biden, but who is also presiding over the Washington DC case that was brought against Trump by Biden's very own Department of Justice and steadfast wing-man, Attorney General Merrick Garland, who then subsequently appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith, a malignant narcissist by character and a corrupt Stalinist by career, to prosecute the case; a prosecutor who, by the way, served under the Orwellian, "when they go low, we kick 'em," Left-wing Attorney General Eric Holder during the Obama Administration. 

—Whether it's Georgia's Fulton County Communist and wannabe dictator, District Attorney Fani-double-wide-Willis, another rabid Trump-hating Democrat who is clearly in over her head, corrupt beyond all measure, and on a mission to destroy Trump.


—Whether it is New York's Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg who has twisted himself into a veritable knot attempting to prosecute an alleged "Federal" crime in "State" Court in a contrived effort to convict and imprison Trump before the General Election under what can only be characterized as a bogus, convoluted, mishmash, hodgepodge, perfunctory novel legal theory, under an FEC campaign violation (that, by the way, the FEC already ruled was NOT a campaign violation, much less a crime), which again, if it were a crime, which it isn't, is a "Federal" charge that is only and can only ever be prosecuted at the "Federal Level" by a "Federal Prosecutor" which, hello, knock knock, anyone in there, DA Alvin Bragg and this case clearly and unequivocally are NOT. Of course, this brings us to Juan Merchan, the Left-wing Judge, a purported arrogant bully, who is not only presiding over Bragg's convoluted case against Trump but who is now attempting to conceal damning evidence of his and his family's political ties to Trump's political opponents by silencing Trump with a sweeping, Unconstitutional Gag Order, not only violating Trump's 1st Amendment Rights but the 1st Amendment's prohibition on "Prior Restraint."

Indeed, the only Republican-appointed Judge involved in any of these Stalinist, Soviet-style witch-trials is Aileen Cannon, who is not only currently presiding over Jack Smith's Florida Documents "Lawfare" case because, and much to Jack Smith's consternation, Trump resides in the now Ruby-Red State of Florida but who has also been subjected to vicious attacks, death threats, and calls for her recusal by Democrats simply because she is a Republican and not for any other reason that would or possibly could implicate her in a conflict or conflicts of interest, as is clearly the case in the other malicious, cooked up cases that have been brought against President Trump by Democrats and Democrats alone. —Democrats, who, by the way, in what can only be described as a delusional state of desperation, want and expect us, the American people, to believe that all of these politically motivated prosecutions against the presumptive Republican nominee for President and, I might add, the leading Presidential candidate in the 2024 General Election to boot, President Donald Trump, are all being conducted in a non-partisan, earnest, honest, and solemn manner… sure they are, wink, wink, nod, nod… NOT; the American people are not stupid, or at least Conservatives aren't, that is.

Just last week, in what was yet another egregious display of political, Left-wing judicial activism, misconduct, and what has now become a two-tiered system of justice, or rather, injustice in America where Wokism is now the new religion, Judge Juan Merchan, (as mentioned earlier, a rabid Progressive Democrat bully, activist, and Biden donor) who, in under a week, Monday, April 15th, is set to preside over the first-ever politically motivated, not to mention, manufactured criminal trials brought against a former President, expanded his Unconstitutional, retaliatory Gag Order on President Trump, effectively, as also iterated earlier, interdicting and forbidding Trump from exposing his 34-year-old adult activist daughter, Lauren Merchan's, political and rather hefty financial interests in the outcome of President Trump's case.

Indeed, by deliberating masking his daughter's rather troubling political connections and financial stake in what Democrats have coined the so-called "hush-money" case, but more succinctly and accurately put the NDA Settlement or Stormy Daniels extortion of President Trump case, Judge Merchan is not only:

1— VIOLATING the canons or "Code of Judicial Conduct" and Ethics, which, with regard to "outside influence," states that "A judge should NOT ALLOW FAMILY, social, POLITICAL, FINANCIAL, or other relationships to influence judicial conduct or judgment. A judge should neither lend the prestige of the judicial office to advance the PRIVATE INTERESTS OF THE JUDGE OR OTHERS nor convey or permit OTHERS (his daughter) to convey the "IMPRESSION" that they are in a SPECIAL POSITION TO INFLUENCE THE JUDGE…"

2— DEPRIVING Trump of his 6th Amendment Constitutional Right to publicly defend himself against what is nothing more than a Far-Left coup d'état,  a vindictive fictitious show trial involving a 20-year-old perfectly legal NDA settlement that has not only now exceeded the "Statute of Limitations," and therefore moot, but that was cooked up by Soros-funded, Democrat D.A. Alvin Bragg, at the behest of Joe Biden in an effort to thwart Trump from becoming the 47th President of the United States.


3– DEPRIVING Trump of his fundamental 1st Amendment Constitutional Right to Speak

According to Justice Thurgood Marshall, there are two 1st Amendment Rights that pertain to the "Freedom of Speech" clause:

1) The Right of the speaker to speak and be heard. 


2) The Right of the listener to listen and draw his own fully informed conclusions. 

More specifically, in the 1973 case, San Antonio Independent Sch. Dist. v. Rodriguez, Justice Thurgood Marshall stressed the importance of civic education for the maintenance and viability of our Constitutional Republic, for exercising our 1st Amendment Rights, "both as a source and as a receiver of information and ideas, as access to ideas makes it possible for citizens generally to exercise their Rights of Free Speech." —You see, our Constitution presupposes the existence of a well-informed citizenry who are prepared to participate in our society with basic civic values and an understanding of our Constitutional Principles, especially as it pertains to the Principle of tolerance, particularly and more specifically, toward those with differing viewpoints, which is fundamentally necessary for the maintenance of our Constitutional-(free-thinking)-Republic; after all, our minds were not all cut from the same cloth, now were they. 

Adding to Justice Thurgood Marshall's Constitutional insight and wisdom, Justice Lewis Powell wrote: "We need not dispute any of these propositions. The Court has long afforded zealous protection against unjustifiable governmental interference with the individual's Rights to Speak. . ."

Sadly, society has fallen a long way away from the days when justice was truly blind, impartial, and objective, at least for the most part, and when Jurists like Thurgood Marshall and Lewis Powell not only respected but also revered the Constitution, upheld their Judicial Oath of Office, and applied the law equally and without prejudice. Unfortunately, these days, it seems the rule of law, or at least as far as Democrats are concerned, does not apply to President Trump, particularly in the New York borough of Manhattan and other Democrat bastions of Progressive Socialism or, more accurately put, Democrat Cultural Marxism. Indeed, in what has become an obvious system of injustice, where the Constitutional Principle that "a defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt" no longer exists, there simply is no way that President Trump could possibly ever get a fair and impartial trial let alone jury in a Democrat-controlled State like New York and/or City like Manhattan where Trump Derangement Syndrome is pervasive and endemic. 

Ask yourself, how, in what is supposed to be a "Free and Fair" society where, by law, the accused, without exception or discrimination, is supposed to be presumed innocent before being proven guilty, does a Judge or Judges like Juan Merchan, Arthur Engoron, or Tanya Chutkan, get off issuing Gag Orders, much less, sweeping Gag Orders, effectively and without consequences, abridging and stripping away the Constitutionally guaranteed Right of a defendant to speak and be heard by the people, particularly in very public cases like Donald Trump's? 

Tragically, the answer is politics and the Democrat Party's systematic and systemic corrosion of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution in their never-ending quest for Absolute Power and Control. 

According to one of Americans most renowned Constitutional scholars, Alan Dershowitz, Gag Orders, by their very nature, are "presumptively unconstitutional…" because, as I mentioned earlier, they involve what is called Prior Restraint, which the 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech Clause, in no uncertain terms, expressly prohibits. Of course, at this juncture, you might be wondering what Prior Restraint is. Well, in Constitutional terms, it is the restraint,i.e., the regulation of speech before it is spoken, which, again, the Constitution forbids; ergo, prohibiting not only the Federal Government but also State Governments via the 14th Amendment, in this case, the State of New York and Judge Juan Merchan, from imposing any ruling or order that infringes upon, restricts, regulates, censors, silences, and/or "restrains" the Right of Free Speech, most especially, a defendant's Right to speak freely in his or her defense. That said, there are a few extremely narrow and limited exceptions to that doctrine, for example, when the speech involves highly classified defense information that, if disclosed to the public, would, in fact, be detrimental to the United States and our National Security or when the speech involves tampering with a jury. 

However, as it pertains to Trump's case, Judge, Juan Merchan issued a Gag Order, not for the protection of our National Security interests and not to prevent tampering with the potential jury pool in Trump's case, but rather, conversely, to surreptitiously tamper with the potential jury pool by deliberately concealing vital information —regarding the "Code of Judicial Conduct," as it directly pertains to he, Juan Merchan, and his family— from the public that not only the public but the potential jury pool in Trump's case has an absolute undeniable Constitutional Right to know… regarding both his wife's working relationship with Letitia James in the office of the Attorney General and his 34-year-old adult activist daughter, Lauren Merchan who is not only a paid operative for the Democrat Party and President Trump's high-profile political opponents, which includes Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Adam Schiff, to name but a few, but who is also the president of one of the largest Democrat PACs in America. —A company by the name of "Authentic Campaigns" that has thus far, under Lauren Merchan's direction and off of Trump's case, hauled in a whopping $93 million for her Left-wing, Trump-hating, political clients and, what's more, further stands to make even more money if there is a conviction in this case, and conversely lose money if there is not a conviction in this case; ergo President Trump, as a defendant and an American citizen, has not only a Constitutional Right but, as I'm sure most would agree, a duty for the sake of our Constitutional Republic's preservation, to make that information publicly available and demand that Judge Merchant recuse himself, as is REQUIRED by the Constitution, the law, and the "Code of Judicial Conduct." 

The law is very clear; if a judge, for example, is sitting on a case where he or any member of his family could financially benefit from the case, the Judge is legally obligated by law to disclose that information and recuse himself from the case, and, make no mistake, Judge Merchan knows and has obviously known for quite some time, in point of fact, from the get-go that his wife and daughter's political activities are direct conflicts of interest and inconsistent with judicial neutrality in this case and, therefore, justification for his disqualification from this case; think of it this way, there is absolutely no difference between Lauren Merchan's job at Authentic, i.e., soliciting donations on behalf of her Democrat clients, Trump's political opponents, and her standing outside the courthouse selling 93 million dollars worth of T-shirts that are inked with the words, "imprison Trump." —Just because you can physically see one activity and not the other, not only the appearance of a conflict of interest but, in fact, a direct conflict of interest still exists equally in both situations because either way, Lauren Merchan has a financial interest and stake in this case and an even bigger stake in its outcome. 

However, that said, this is the deep blue State of New York that we are speaking about here, where the law is whatever Democrats decide it is based upon the current political climate and Left-wing agenda, thereby making it impossible for Trump to get a fair and impartial trial… that said, also making it virtually impossible for any reasonable, honest, incorruptible person with a functioning brain and conscience to believe that this case is anything other than the political persecution and prosecution of President Trump by a Prosecutor and Judge who have their grubby little thumbs on the scales of justice. 

Indeed, what seems to be happening here, or, rather, what most would concur is, in fact, categorically transpiring here, is a gross misuse and abuse of judicial power. James Madison said, "To ensure that all three branches of government remain in balance, each branch has powers that can be checked by the other two branches." He went on to write in Federalist No. 47 that "The accumulation of all powers, Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary, in the same hands, whether one, a few, or many,... may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny." —You see, despite our "Separation of Powers" doctrine, Prosecutors and Judges, in what has inarguably become the unprecedented political persecution of President Trump, have, without answering to the people through an Article V Convention of States, ignored our system of "Checks and Balances," and usurped the unsanctioned authority to exercise and discharge all three powers from all three Branches of Government, i.e., making laws, enforcing laws, and adjudicating disputes and controversies over or with regard to laws when it comes to President Trump... jettisoning deference without even so much as a second thought to or for the actual role of the Judiciary, which, as Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall famously opined, "is to say what the law is," in other words, meaning that the role of the Judiciary is to interpret the law and not to make the law, which it appears that these overzealous, Left-wing, Trump-hating, activist, or, rather, dogmatist Judges have shirked and all but forgotten in their malign quest to destroy the man who did so much good for America and the American People, for our Sovereignty and Security, and for World Peace

Without question, Judge Juan Merchan's overt abdication of fairness, impartiality, and "Equal Protection and Application of the Law," with his Unconstitutional sweeping Gag Order against President Trump, demonstrates the insidious, pervasive rot and corruption that now resonates throughout all three Branches of our Government. It seems these days that the sole mission of our Government is to protect the slimy, slippery, slithering creatures of the Swamp at all costs while they LIE and blatantly rub it in our faces through their unspoken, Janus-faced actions that they were, are, and have been huddling and conspiring in order to annihilate the Deep-State threat that is Donald J. Trump, by any and all means possible, plausible, and necessary. —It's to hell with the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, the People's Unalienable Rights, and statutory law to boot, as far as Left-wing Career Politicians, Activist Judges, Politically Motivated Prosecutors, and Leftist Juries are concerned… so much for the Left's mantra and sanctimonious preening that "no one is above the law," that is, unless, of course, you're a Democrat! 

The truth is, if Joe Biden, his accomplices in Congress, and his henchmen entrenched within our three letter Agencies and Institutions, in addition to the numerous Soros-backed Cultural Marxist Prosecutors, like, for example, Alvin Bragg, who have been planted in DA offices in Democrat strongholds across the country, in collaboration with Left-wing, federally appointed and/or State elected activist Judges, like, for example, Juan Merchan, in abetment to this pervasive lawfare, get their way, they will, without hesitation, lockup President Trump, throw away the key, and leave him to die in Federal Prison, of course, that is, if they don't assassinate him in the meantime, or, at least attempt to, and why? Well, because they don't want to just win, or, rather, more appropriately put, steal elections, no, that is simply not enough for them. They want Absolute Power and control over "We the People" and over our Nation as a whole, and they will never achieve that end while Donald J. Trump is living, breathing, and standing in their way, protecting us from them. 

Think about everything that the Left has done to, thrown at, and put President Trump through in order to stop him... what Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Establishment Democrats, and Rinos in the Legislature, including, but not limited to, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, and Adam Kingzinger to name but a few sniveling weasels, or, in more polite terms, career politicians, along with their co-conspirators in not only the bureaucratic Deep State, the DOJ, the FBI, and other three letter agencies, but also in the Judiciary, Big Tech, and the 4th Estate, otherwise known as the Left-wing media, or the coms department of the DNC... 

Think about what these pernicious Left-wing Marxist whores and bastards have put Trump through, despite all of his selfless acts, hard work, and phenomenal accomplishments for and on behalf of America and the American people at his expense. Indeed, after seven years of one contrived witch-hunt after another insidious fictitious hoax, a few things have become abundantly clear in the ever-present face of the Democrat's unrelenting vindictive TDS rage that is not just ridiculous but teetering on the edge of the insane and the absurd as they continue to unjustly prosecute, persecute, and crucify the People's President, Donald J. Trump:

1– It is a testament to President Trump's incredible strength of mind and inner fortitude, to his unwavering resolve, resilience, and indomitable courage, and to his undying patriotic love of and for America and the American people that, no doubt, enables him to endure through, what seems to be insurmountable odds and unjustified attacks on his person, as he refuses to surrender and succumb to the Lefts hate, to their darkness, and to their malignant witch-hunts and hoaxes.


2–A great awakening is happening across America as we, the American people, more specifically, America First Patriots, become more and more pumped to exercise our Constitutional Right to get out en masse and VOTE for Trump in spite of and to spite Democrats, not only because we believe that President Trump is being unjustly targeted, persecuted, and assailed for crimes he so obviously did not commit, but because "We the People" realize that Trump is, in fact, our last best hope to save America from the clutches of Democrat tyranny and Cultural Marxism

Thomas Jefferson wrote, "There is only one force in the Nation that can be depended upon to keep the Government pure and the governors honest, and that is the people themselves. They alone, if well informed, are capable of preventing the corruption of power, and of restoring the Nation to its rightful course if it should go astray. They alone are the safest depository of the ultimate powers of Government." 

How? We VOTE

We can do this! 

VOTE for Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, November 5th, 2024… All the way, no matter what. 

Linda Genzel. Editor @ Wecu News.


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