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Despotic Democrats: Lawless Letitia & Arthur The Authoritarian... Tyrants In Training & Dictators In Disguise!

Updated: Feb 22

On Friday, February 16th, 2024, we witnessed yet another brazen, insidious Left-wing judicial ruling in what was little more than a spectacularly pathetic and desperate attempt by Democrats to defraud, demonize, and purge President Trump from the 2024 Presidential Race in what can be summed up as a Soviet-style, jury-less, victimless show-trial that was orchestrated by New York's very own chicadelic communist connoisseur in chief and modern-day (Tish de)-Torquemada, Attorney General Letitia James, affectionately known to many as Big or Peekaboo James and, by any other identity, epithet, standard, definition, or description, at least in Constitutional circles, as an incompetent disreputable prosecutor, a vindictive career politician, and tyrant in training by all accounts who campaigned on getting Trump with her overtly racist "Too male, too pale" chant long before she even got so much as a glimpse into his financials.

To be sure, in what was not only an outrageous and unprecedented judgment but also a veritable affront to the rule of law, President Trump's company, being the first-ever company in the history of our nation, was slapped with a mammoth $364 million confiscatory penalty, in violation of the 8th Amendment's prohibition on excessive fines, by the rather peculiar-looking, unkempt, corrupt, and unethical activist judicial joke who presided over the trial, Judge Arthur Engoronostensibly, as a fine for a "no harm by no one, against no one, for no loss by anyone," non-crime, but, in truth, as we all know, it was nothing more than a punishment for the non-crime of being Joe Biden's political opponent, an America-First Constitutional Patriot, a Republican, and an extraordinarily successful former President and business tycoon

Without a shadow of a doubt, Judge Arthur Engoron's ruling will go down in American history as one of the most, if not the most, egregious and insidious acts of political lawfare and retribution ever seen and inflicted on a political opponent, not only demonstrating to the American populace and to the entire world at large that Trump was, in fact, right yet again, in that this lawsuit —along with the other pending Left-wing witch-hunts in GeorgiaWashington, and Florida— was nothing but a Left-wing electioneering scheme, a disgusting, low down dirty political plot that was choreographed from top to bottom and start to finish by a bunch of dishonest, low down dirty Establishment Democrat politicians, indubitably, at the behest of the Stalinist dictator in chief, Joe Biden, to interfere with and in the  2024 General Election but also affirming that our American Judicial system, the one Branch of our three Branches of Government that is, or, rather, was supposed to be free from partisan politics, has, in fact, now devolved into a hopeless cesspool of injustice and duplicitous iniquities, becoming little more than an unprincipled felonious weapon and arm of the Cultural Marxist Democrat Party, particularly in deep blue One-Party-States and Districts, like, for example, New York, California, Washington DC, and Fulton County GA.. 

In a 2019 United States Supreme ruling in the case Timbs v. Indiana —(which, in point of fact, illustrates and illuminates the numerous wrongdoings by Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron in Trump's case)— the Supreme Court Justices held that the "Excessive Fines Clause" of the 8th Amendment is "an incorporated protection applicable to the states —(which, hello,  includes New York)— under the 14th Amendment" of the Constitution… going on to affirm that it "limits the government's power to extract payments, whether in cash or in kind, as punishment for some offense." —Justice Ginsburg noted that the clause traced it venerable lineage back to at least 1215, to one England's earliest legal institutions, Magna Carta; however, the 17th century Stuart Kings, in particular, were criticized for, in violation of Magna Carta Laws, using excessive fines to raise revenue, harass their political enemies/opponents, and indefinitely detain those who were unable to pay... not unlike, or, rather, percisely like Letitia James and Judge Engoron's behavior.

Without question, what we are witnessing here is the overt diminution of American justice in what has become, to quote the Declaration of Independence: "a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism…" Without question, what happened to President Trump on Friday was not only an absolute disgrace and an egregious affront to and stain on our Constitution and our founding principles, the very fabric of this Republic, but it also quite literally destroyed whatever little trust and confidence the vast majority of Americans had left in our Judicial System which, of course, or at least, in most peoples mind's eye, was already on life support and teetering on the edge of Left-wing wokism what with George Soros's indirect $40 million investment in scores of progressive prosecutors and likeminded activist judges who are either drawn to or inured by the high of "Absolute Power," as we witnessed with the camera hugging Judge Arthur Engoron, but who are also ostensibly "bent on fundamentally transforming our Justice System, or, rather, "Injustice System" to George Soros' liking, what with "75 Soros-linked DAs and counting now controlling the jurisdictions of 72 million Americans."

Remarkably, while criminal illegal aliens are now permitted to rush our wide open Southern Border, pour into our interior, and take over our cities without legal repercussions, but rather with reward, whilst they attack police officers, beat up pedestrians, jack vehicles, and rob stores at gunpoint, in addition to all the other career criminals wreaking havoc on our streets, looting, and terrorizing otherwise peaceful hard-working Americans, our elected leaders, like, AG Letitia James, for example, under the Left's bogus pretense of "reducing perceived inequities," have opted to ignore said criminals, preferring release on recognizance over detention, whilst turning a blind eye and deaf ear to their violent oftentimes deadly crimes; effectively making the criminals, the victims, and making law-abiding citizens, like, for example, President Trump, a victim of the Left's ire, the criminal, and why? Well, it's relatively simple, really; you see, criminals are not a threat to the Democrat Party's grip on power. In fact, ten out of ten criminals vote for Democrats, but Trump, well, he is a clear and present threat to the Democrat and Rino Establishment-Deep-State-Order, and all that truly matters to them, to the Left, is holding onto power at any and all costs.

Needless to say, over the course of the last year or so, in a complete and utter perversion of our Justice System with the abject manipulation of our Constitution and other statutes, Democrats have and continue to engage in an unrelenting insidious tournament of political lawfare, chock-full of unscrupulous shady legal sleights of hand and outright violations of President Trump's civil rights. Indeed, Judge Arthur Engoron's shameful and unethical conduct, in addition to his disgraceful, politically motivated injudicious judgment against President Trump, was and is, in point of fact, not only an overt benchmark of that sort of left-wing autocratic lawfare, devoid of any kind of norms of ethical, moral, and/or legal reasoning, but it was, in fact, a factually baseless ruling that was reached or arrived at backward, if you will, in that he, Judge Arthur Engoron, in violation of the 14th Amendment's "Equal Protection and Application of the Law" Clause, and in violation of Trump's 5th Amendment "Due Process Rights," began the trial with not only an unconstitutional declaration of Trump's guilt that would and did result in a colossal fine but also disclosing that he could potentially lose his license to do business in the State of New York.

Yes, indeed, in what can not only be characterized as a dark day for America, our Constitution, and our Judicial System but also as a demonstrable and reprehensible abdication of his sworn duty to the American people and to the rule of law, Judge Engoron somehow extrapolated from thin air and without "Due Process" that President Trump was guilty before the trial even began, before any expert witnesses for the defense testified, and before a scintilla of exculpatory evidence was presented to the court, which, of course, not only illuminates Engoron's palpable deep seething hatred, malice, and ill-will toward Trump, his family, and his real estate empire that he spent decades building, but it also confirms that this case was not and never was about right or wrong; rather, it was about trying to destroy a man, his family, and his company in a Machiavellian attempt to scrub him from the 2024 Presidential race in order to walk Joe Biden into a second term which, of course, in turn, affirms the undeniable fact that we are now living in a society with two tiers of justice.

On one side of the political aisle, we have Joe Biden, who not only represents the Democrat Party but who can sell out his country for 10% and back his Corvette into stacks of Top Secret Classified Documents that he, as corroborated in the Hur Report, had spent the better part of the last five decades, first as a U.S. Senator and then as a Vice President, not only unlawfully and "WILLFULLY" stealing and retaining but also disclosing and, in so doing, risking serious damage to America's National Security, and yet absolutely NOTHING happens to him. Then, on the other side of the political aisle, we have President Trump, a Republican who represents the American People, who has done absolutely nothing wrong apart from, of course, refusing to buy into the Left's Marxist agenda and, lest we forget, putting America and the American people first and foremost whilst contributing to the overall general health, wellbeing, betterment, and security of our Republic and our free market capitalist economy; yet, he is the one who is quite literally being persecuted and prosecuted for crimes that Democrats concocted from thin air and, in some cases, actually committed themselves, then projected and pinned on Trump in order to prevent Trump from winning the 2024 Presidential Election.

Across the board, in every single one of these bogus cases that Democrats have brought thus far against President Trump, not only have they disregarded, abused, and manipulated Constitutional Law along with other statutes and Acts, like, for example, the "Presidential Records Act" and "The Electoral Count Act of 1887," but they have also violated, in the most perverse and insidious of ways, every last one of President Trump's Constitutionally protected and guaranteed God-Given Unalienable Rights.

Attorney General Letitia James, an otherwise useful idiot and functionary tool of the Democrat Party, not only campaigned on but has spent her entire time in office in a vindictive frenzy, vowing and searching for any and every way to destroy President Trump. She not only fabricated and cut this faux case from whole cloth, resurrecting, manipulating, and exploiting a 70-year-old regulatory law that has NEVER been used before and for no other reason or motive other than to "Get-Trump," but she also brought it without establishing or showing any of the traditional legal elements required by law to prosecute and prove fraud which are: 

1— Scienter, scienter — basically intent to defraud.

2– False statements of fact rather than opinion or trade puffing. 

3– Reasonable reliance by the victims. 

4– Materiality.

5– Causation. 

6– Damages.

Indeed, Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron's duplicitous "civil fraud" case against President Trump negatively affected exactly NOT one single person. In fact, Deutsche Bank, the bank that Letitia James contended President Trump had purportedly defrauded, testified under oath to the contrary, disputing her bogus allegations, affirming:

1- That they were NOT defrauded or deceived by Trump.

2- That they did their due diligence by using the bank's appraiser to assess the value of Trump's properties before approving the loan.

3- That Trump never missed a payment or defaulted on the loan.

4- That they did not lose any money by doing business with Trump, but moreover made over $100 million by doing business with Trump.

5- That they were appreciative of Trump's business and would continue to do business with him in the future... going on to testify that they even marketed Trump's name as a client to lure in other clients.

By legal definition, where there is no victim, there is no fraud; ergo, there is no crime. This is fraud "in the air," as the saying goes: no harm by no one, against no one, for no loss by anyone.

So much for the Democrat mantra that "nobody is above the law," that is, of course, unless you're Donald Trump and/or his Patriotic Constitutional America-loving supporters, in which case, you are "below the law," or rather, below the Democrat's twisted interpretation of the law, and therefore guilty before being proven guilty, irrespective of innocence while they, the Left, search for and/or manufacture a crime or crimes to pin on you. To be sure, it seems these days that we are living in an upside-down world, where left is right, and right is left, where wrong is right, and right is wrong, where good is evil, and evil is good, where criminals are victims, and victims are criminals, and where guilt and/or innocence are entirely subjective and dependent upon whether or not you bend the knee, surrender, and capitulate to the Left's un-American ideological agenda, but I digress.

Needless to say, what Judge Engoron's authoritative ruling has ultimately done is not only given way to the tyranny of ideological Marxism in our Judicial System, but it has also given every Left-wing Trump-hating activist judge, Soros-funded prosecutor, and crazed State Attorney General a roadmap and a greenlight to shred the Constitution, rule by fear, and destroy the lives, families, and/or businesses of anyone who dares to speak out against and challenge the Left's grip on power.

This is exactly what our founders feared, and it is precisely why, after a hard-fought Revolutionary War in the battle for our independence from Great Britain, they, a group of brave and forward-thinking men who knew all too well the feel of Imperialism and who knew that tyrants ruled by fear, exerted absolute power, and expected complete subservience, created and established a Constitutional structure, a framework in order to stave off tyranny, one that would ultimately guarantee Individual Liberties and Rights, and today that framework, a safeguard against tyranny, is called the United States Constitution and it is the absolute Supreme Law of the Land which is precisely why Democrats want to shred it.

In addition to the United States Constitution, there is also one other safeguard, an intrinsic one, and one that Cultural Marxist Democrats and other One-World-Order conscienceless tyrants always have and always will fail to understand and fail to see coming, and that is the innate God-given power of the human spirit, of individual human "WILL," an untouchable unseeable trait that psychopaths lack, which when suppressed by others will inherently always rebel, as Thomas Jefferson, the writer of The Declaration of Independence, once said, "Rebellion to tyranny, is obedience to God…" and so you see, when people have had enough of being held down, of being told what they can and can't do or say, of being told what is best for them by a bunch of Machiavellian wayward career politicians drunk on Absolute Power, they will inevitably always rise up, and when that happens, when they realize that "there is nothing to fear but fear itself," when they resolve to pull back that proverbial curtain, suddenly the big bad wizard or witch hiding behind the curtain is not so scary anymore, in fact, they are nothing more than pathetic little shriveling cowards, who, not unlike Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussain -(who lived out their final days and hours on this earth, alone, and curled up cowering in a hole in the ground), will ultimately lose in the end... and that is precisely who and what George Soros, Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, Jack Smith, Fan Willis, Alvin Bragg, Tanya Chutkan, Letitia James, and Arthur Engoron are, pathetic little shriveling cowards…

Indeed, both the United States Constitution and Human "WILL" are precisely why the Democrats' wicked little Stalinist Machiavellian tactics, games, and schemes keep boomeranging on them, and it is precisely why they will ultimately fail in the end because, you see, Judge Engoron does NOT get the unilateral, plenary final say here, oh no, not by a long shot; the United States Constitution and the voters do. You see, our founders were very deliberate when they wrote the Constitution, embedding crucial Republic-saving safeguards throughout the entire document in order to protect our God-Given Rights like "Human Free Will," for example, but also to prevent wayward politicians and tyrants from abusing and using the law to attain Absolute Power and they did this by constructing a system of Checks and Balances, separating the powers into three independent and interdependent coequal "Branches of Government" to ensure a balance of power in governance.

James Madison wrote in the Federalist Papers. "To ensure that all three branches of government remain in balance, each branch has powers that can be checked by the other two branches."

The first three Articles of the Constitution set up our three Branches of Government and define how they work, which not only includes their duties and powers but also their limits on power. Article I establishes the Legislative Branch of Government, i.e., Congress. Article II establishes the Executive Branch of Government, i.e., the Presidency. Article III establishes the Judicial Branch of Government, i.e., the Courts. Article IV through Article VII not only establishes and defines the relationship between the States and our Federal Government in addition to the ratification process, but it also cements the United States Constitution as the plenary "Supreme Law of the Land," as the ultimate authority, not Letitia James, not Judge Arthur Engoron, and not New York State, nor any other State and/or District that falsely believes that they have the right to usurp the Constitution and ours or President Trump's God-Given Constitutional Unalienable Rights which are enshrined in the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution, known as "The Bill of Rights," which protects "We, the People" from them, the government, particularly from, say, rogue governments, much like the Biden Administration is.

When you have corrupt career politicians colluding with activist prosecutors and judges who, like Letitia James, Arthur Engoron, Alvin Bragg, Tanya Chutkan, Merrick Garland, and Jack Smith, have abused their authority by using the courtroom to not only target their political opponents but for their political end and aspirations, the United States Supreme Court and the Constitution will remedy such injustices, and if that fails, which it won't, we have the ballot box to remove tyrants, so on November 5th, 2024, get out and VOTE, bring your family, bring friends, and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! There are more of us than there are them!

Linda Genzel Editor @


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Not only are you a great American but your knowledge on how government works is vast. I don't think that it's taught in the schools anymore. And that is sad.

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